I Need Book Binding Done in Toronto

I have just recently graduated from my Bachelor of Design program, studying environmental design. I compiled my greatest work so that I could create a portfolio for the interviews I have at several prospective firms. Does EB Image do book binding in Toronto? I have my materials ready, but I just need to print a lot of copies of my portfolio and have it bound. What kind of binding do you guys offer? When can I expect them to be ready?


By eb image solutions
Thank you for your message, and congratulations on your graduation 
It is a great idea to properly package your work and give it the best presentation impact possible. This can be achieved through a variety of product pieces, depending on whether you want to punch binding holes, or leave the work fully intact and have visible page viewing inside a sheet protector.    
Also, if all materials are formatted the same size, it will be easier to accommodate everything into one neat book. And because you are only looking for a single portfolio, it will then be easier to find you a standard product solution and semi customize it with your name or branding. Typically this would take between 1 to 2 weeks to complete.