What is the best presentation piece for professionals?

What is the best presentation piece for professionals?
I have a meeting coming up with my board of directors, and I am looking for a professional/clean folder to put my projections in. 
Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


By eb image solutions
Hello BigDipper, 
Thank you for the question. We strongly suggest a specialty folder to enhance your hand out presentation pieces/documents.
There are a variety of options and finishes, but it is important to create something catered to your audience. Some choices you can make - leather bound vs. ​low grade materials, and debossed logo vs. printed ​logo. With respect to materials, there are also man-made synthetic fabrics that look as good ​as leather, and are friendlier on your budget.
These are all things to consider when looking for the right presentation materials to WOW your board of directors. 
See picture attached of a debossed logo, and see how elegant it looks. It's a nice look that the directors will appreciate carrying.