Plastic Binders that Stand Out

Advantages of Using Custom Binders
Printed customized binders have many benefits over the store-bought variety. Not only will they enhance brand image and awareness, they can also improve the organization of important company documents. Other advantages of custom binders include:
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Helps to promote the business
  • Attracts new customers.
If you have decided to go with plastic printed binders as your material of choice, there are many ways to give them extra features to make them stand out even more.
How to AmpUp Plastic Binders
With so many colours and accessories available, a few binder suggestions can add a touch of class to customized binders.
  • Pockets? One pocket binders have nothing but a cover and the three-ring binding inside. This is a great choice for those want to design the interior of the binder and not take away from the overall look once something is placed inside the pockets. Although adding pockets such as a business card slot or a CD or DVD pocket can add the perfect touch to a binder.    
  • Patterns and Textures - Stock patterns aren't the only way to add style to plastic binders. Try a repeating pattern design such as houndstooth or argyle. Make your binder look like designer wallpaper or artisan tiles to invoke a luxurious feeling. Experiment with negative spaces and add a splash of colour whenever you can. A logo on a white background can be bland, but put it on a purple background and it's suddenly bright and exciting. Textured effects are also great background filler, just as long as they don't draw attention away from your brand.
  • Foil Stamping - Foils are special coatings that are added onto the binder to make it look shiny, metallic or even holographic. This technique can give a rich elegance to the overall appearance of the binder.
  • Metal Edges - Another way to make binders more durable is to outfit them with areinforced edge to make the binder less susceptible to tearing and prevents the edge from looking ragged from frequent use. If there are pockets in the interior of your binder, the reinforced edge will help to fortify them so that they aren't accidentally torn from the binder.
  • Digital printing – show off photography or art on specialty binders that will give a more unique and memorable look for a brand. One of the easiest ways for a binder to stand out in a crowd is through creative visuals. A distinctive binder will grab the eye's attention through powerful imagery that can be digitally printed on the cover.
  • Creative Copy – although pictures speak a thousand words, text can be a powerful way to communicate a clever company message. Make text visual by experimenting with its size, texture and colour.
The most appealing binder designs are the ones that have been customized to suit the company's specific needs. Always ask for options that will best represent the concept you have in mind. Make your company stand out with the perfect plastic binders.