Plastic Binders - Customized Binders and Sales Kits to Grow your Business

Physical marketing materials have never played a more crucial role in the world of advertising and business development. As more and more companies are placing a massive focus on digital marketing, few are bothering to build upon the traditional marketing tools that have helped their businesses grow to where they are today. As a result, those companies that are making effective use of both digital and traditional marketing are those that are getting a one-up on the competition.
Presentation binders and customized professional kits are as relevant, if not more so, than ever before. While digital offers only an out-of-sight, out-of-mind solution, a strong physical presentation package will leave your clients and prospects with the impression they need to always have you in mind first.
Effective Marketing Tools
Listed below are examples of effective uses of customized portfolio binders:
  •  Product launch kits: Launching an exciting new product? Make sure your clients and customers have all the information they require
  •  Media kits: It's tough to make sure the media is looking at you. Catch their eye with a professional media kit that will entice them to learn more about your product, company, or brand.
  •  Sample packs: Send your samples professionally, and make sure that they are accompanied with the best literature.
  •  Sales Kits: You've made a great pitch. The only way to make sure that they think about you after you've left is by leaving them with some great material that they can go through at their leisure. Keep the sales going long after you have left the building by providing your prospect with a fully customized sales kit complete with everything they need, including CDs, flyers, and samples.
Who to Work With
When it comes to selecting the right professional binder company for you, look for the following characteristics:
  • Experience: Work with a company that has years of experience in successfully helping businesses reach their goals with effective customized binders and portfolios. A good professional will understand how to put together the right tools and how to effectively place your logos and designs.
  • One Stop Shop: Save both time and money by working with a company that can handle all your needs under one roof. From graphic designs, to customized printing and presentation solutions, it is important to experience a turnkey process to ensure your project is completed as you need it to be.
  • Budget and Time: Discuss your budget and deadlines with your binder professional. He or she should be able to work and accommodate both to suit your needs.
Types of Binders:
The following are some of the most popular binder types:
  • Poly: This type of binder is both strong and durable, but still offers a look that is highly professional and attractive.
  • Vinyl: This continues to be the most popular option amongst business professionals. It is cost-effective and simple to customize and enhance.
  • Casemade:One of the top choices of designers Casemade binders are a showpiece and very customizable.
  • Eco: Use green-friendly materials without sacrificing functionality.
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