The Many Benefits Of A Pocket Folder

The modern pocket folder is unlike the one we came to know in grade school. Unlike the boring neutral colours and relative low quality, the modern pocket folder can be fully customized to meet the needs of your company. You can use the folder as a promotional tool at events, presentations, trade fairs and more. With their large front and back covers customized to meet your branding needs, you can essentially hand out inexpensive moving personal billboards that will have long-term usage. Overall, the benefits of a custom pocket folder are significant.
A Powerful And Useful Product
A pocket folder is one of the most important products that your organization can use -- internally as a tool, and --externally as a marketing method. Prepared from plastic or paper, the modern pocket folder can be customized in a variety of ways. These kind of customizations range from the external appearance, branding and style to the interior print, pockets and sleeves. The long-term usage as an archival item further proves the usefulness of this item, however, the marketing benefits of a custom pocket folder are the most advantageous of its uses.
Many Benefits
  • Low cost
  • Targeted marketing
  • Personal handheld billboards
  • Custom branding
  • Long-term exposure
  • Builds brand recall
  • Creates many visual impressions
  • Great for being top of mind
  • Easy to organize important information
There are plenty of size customizations you can do with a pocket folder as well. Whether you are looking for a standard letter size or something rarer like the legal and A4 or even something more exotic like a C4, you have complete control. The dimensions of the folder need to correspond to the size of the documents that it will hold.
Exterior Design For Best Results
Once you have decided on the size, you need to decide on the kind of exterior you want it to feature. Some things to include are your logo, custom artwork and imagery and perhaps even personalization if you know exactly to whom you are going to be giving each unit. The key to a good design on the exterior is to consider the audience. If this is going to be something handed out at a major presentation, you should take advantage of everyone carrying them around and display your logo prominently on the front cover. However, if it is something used internally, perhaps customizing it with a smaller logo and more interesting imagery is a better idea. Knowing the audience is key to making the right decision and so is working with experts in the field of pocket folders is a good idea.
A customized pocket folder is an incredible investment for a company wanting to get the most out of their marketing dollars. With the ability to customize the exterior, you can achieve maximum exposure and create memorable impressions, with people acting as mobile billboards while carrying them. Because they are generally low cost, they can be quickly and easily handed out to people at conferences or meetings, and used internally to store documents and other information. Overall, their use is underrated and companies are increasingly looking at this method to connect with potential customers and investors.