Creating Effective Presentation Folders

One of the most effective tools in marketing a product or service to potential clients or investors is the presentation folder. Presentations are largely visual in creating appeal, and a good presentation kit with proper customized branding can provide all the relevant text and visual images they will need to make a final purchasing decision. The presentation folder is an exceptionally effective tool in branding and marketing in large part due to its customized exterior, which generates plenty of impressions, brand recall and usage, all the while being incredibly inexpensive to produce. The simple fact is that a well-designed and implemented presentation folder can have results that exceed any other traditional marketing initiative a company can undertake. In order to get the best results from your presentation folder, it is important to deal with experts in the industry who can help to guide you in designing the perfect kit.
The Presentation Folder Explained
The presentation folder is similar to the binders we all know and used to use in school. However, unlike the in-store varieties that are rather bland, basic and boring, the modern customized presentation folder can be anything you need it to be. You can customize the size, colour, graphics, material, interior and so much more. You are only limited by your imagination and what is best for your company needs.
What You Can Customize
As previously mentioned, size, colour, graphics, material and the interior are just a few of the options. Other interesting choices include decorative elements such as foil stamping, which is a metallic material added to the binder cover, which highlight key parts of the binder and adds sophistication. Another decorative style is embossing, where a pressed plate is made into the material, creating a sunk and raised pattern that really stands out from competitors.
The Many Benefits of a Presentation Folder
  • Increased professionalism
  • Improved first impression, and takeaway
  • Incredibly organized and easy to disseminate
  • Multipurpose and reusable product
  • Customized to your specifications
What To Include
Your custom presentation folder should include a variety of material that will provide the most important information to a potential client or investor. While these suggestions are just a start, you should tailor your material to a specific audience in order to generate sales.
  • A branded opening page introducing the company, product or service to the person you to whom you are providing it.
  • Your latest marketing material, spec sheets, buyer's guide or other relevant information.
  • A brief biography about yourself, and any other important people.
  • Recent media coverage you have received.
  • An incentive to buy or reason to call you.
  • Client testimonials and corporate beliefs.
Once you have decided on the design and how you want to customize the presentation folder, you should decide on which inclusions best serve your potential customer. Lastly, having decided that, you can hand out your presentation folder to people viewing your presentation. This allows you to focus your marketing dollars on qualified leads, ensuring that you get the most from every dollar.