Promotional Packaging Solutions

Finding a top notch promotional packaging company can be a challenge, especially when you need to get something professionally done quickly. Big box stores are generally not able to handle this type of work, so you need to see someone in the business; someone who can help every step of the way provide ongoing support, even after the project is complete.
These specialty paper companies can provide all presentation and document protection/organization solutions with personalized design. Binders, sales kits, product packaging, and other specialty products are examples of what is offered. Company or brand names, product line pictures, themes, or simply titled printing are all popular options that can be directly placed on the entire line.
Specialized products can boost the image of a company from amateur to professional status within a short period of time. Professionalism in business contributes to gaining more attention, establishing business relationships and building networks.
Binders are used widely as presentation/marketing displays and organization tools. They keep documents safe and secure, protecting them from wind, rain and snow and come in a wide range of styles and colours.
  • Vinyl binders are traditionally constructed with heat sealed or turned edges and expanded foam backings.
  • Poly binders provide a high-tech look that lasts for years without showing wear. They protect against harsh weather and will not crack, buckle, or bend.
  • Casemade binders are the best looking of the bunch. They provide a designer look that will wow its onlookers. The outside is professionally wrapped with either specialty paper, woven fabric or a variety of treated leathers, among others.    
  • Eco binders are for the environmentally conscious company or purchaser. They are made of one hundred percent recycled material and contribute to a smaller carbon footprint. They provide the same quality of construction of the other binder types and last just as long. After a long life, the eco-binders can be returned into the recycling system to be used once more.
Sales Kits
A sale kit is an organized information package for products and services that house file folders, booklets, CDs and any other information needed to market the company effectively. Features include:
  • a single self-contained marketing/information package
  • multiple types of products such as service literature and samples
  • the capability of adding all sorts of customizable enhancements and closures to stunningly showcase products and services.
  • building materials such as poly, casemade and paper
Packaging materials are available for smaller items. From design to the final package there are great ideas to promote and display products in a professional and reputable fashion. Some packing solutions include:
  • Product launch kit
  • Health care items
  • Software boxes
  • Media packaging
Specialty Products
Specialty products include document holders, wallets, calendars, sample packs, product launch kits and totes.
Increase the professional appearance of your business or company and gain the advantage of personalized service and ongoing working relationships with top notch customer service; something the big box stores do not provide.