Promotional Products Toronto

The paper product industry is a fluctuating business in light of the digital movement. But without a doubt, the paper industry will be around for decades to come. There is no getting around it. People need hard copies and official documents in paper form in order to ensure legal binding agreements and contracts that are withheld to the highest standard.
Document protection and organization products are in high demand as a result of these ongoing paper practices. And with companies that specialize in this line of work, it is possible to design and manufacture personalized solutions for company names, letterheads or themes that match the mission of the individual circumstance. From binders, and file folders to product packaging, sales kits and other specialty products, there is something for everyone. Personalized products not only inspire a more professional appearance in-front of clients and customers, but they also bring a sense of pride to workers and employees.
Below is an outline of some of the products available from document protection and presentation solution companies.
Vinyl – Vinyl binders are the most popular option in the binder world. They are tough, and reliable, and are cost-effective. They are widely used as holders of important documents and information such as technical manuals or marketing materials. Added enhancements are available for these binders, including customized pockets, business card holders, CD/DVD holders and metal corners.
Features include:
  • Heat sealed cover
  • Expanded foam backing
  • Support stitching
  • Turned-edge construction
  • Upgraded expanded vinyl
Poly – Poly binders are a more durable option compared to vinyl. For those very important documents, this binder will protect and keep them safe in tough weather. Poly won't crack, bend or buckle even after years of use, and will look the same as the day it was purchased. Some enhancement options include one or two pockets, business card holders, and CD/DVD pockets.
Features include;
  • Strong one-piece polyethylene construction
  • Wide range of special add-ons and effects such as handles, snaps, pockets, buckles and more.
  • Surface that allows for fine and clear print transfer
­Casemade – Casemade binders are a designer binder line with a unique look and feel. They are professionally constructed with certain specialty materials on the outer cover. If a fancy binder that wows is what you are looking for, casemade products are the ideal choice.
Features include:
  • A wide range of material combinations for a unique, one-of-a-kind look
  • Materials such as woven fabrics, distressed leather, specialty papers and much more
Eco-Binders – Eco-binders are made from one hundred percent recycled material. They are environmentally friendly and will help the carbon-footprint-conscious company to lower their overall impact with the use of these binders over others. Another benefit is the fact that these binders are completely recyclable once they come to the end of their lives.
Features include:
  • A sustainable alternative without sacrificing looks and quality
  • Similar printing methods and enhancements as with other binders
When it comes time to promote your business or company in a professional manner, think about personalized paper products and solutions; not only for providing quality binders of all qualities and styles, but also for sales kits, small product packaging, and other specialty products.