Table Tents - Effective Promotional Materials

Advertising and promoting is a top priority in business, and for good reason. It's the main source of new business opportunities and getting the word out on products and services. Presentation and paper solutions are a great way to contribute to any marketing strategy. With many options including sales kits, promotional product launch kits, paper advertisements, and packaging materials, these companies take your ideas and turn them into reality all the way from design to the manufacturing stage. It's a pain-free process that can turn an amateur business to a professional one within a small time frame.
Sales Kits
If a business finds itself in a position of making a sale but it's going to take a little more convincing, a sales kit is a great way to present material or information on products and services. It organizes and lays out the proper delivery techniques to efficiently get the point across. It houses file folders, booklets, CDs, and whatever else may be required.
Sales kits can feature:
  • A single self-contained marketing/information package
  • Multiple types of products such as service literature and samples
  • The capability of adding all kinds of customizable enhancements and closures to stunningly showcase products and services
  • Different building materials such as poly, casemade and paper
Paper Advertising
These companies will provide top quality printing products. They will take the company name and their ideas and develop a well-thought-out plan to advertise the best qualities of the organization. Some of the paper products available would include:
  • Pamphlets - are used all around the world and provide a quick, concise information package, outlining what is available and prices coinciding the events or activity. They can be found in hotels and travel agencies or in doctor's offices and hospitals. They are a great way to get a message out to a targeted demographic of people.
  • Table tents –can be found on restaurant tables or on countertops in stores and offices. They are a ‘walk-by' marketing platform designed to catch the eyes of people in their view and spark an interest.
  • Paper flyers –can be placed strategically around in small or large sizes to attract attention to products and services.
Packaging Solutions
Attractive and efficient packaging can not only bring in more business, but can also be responsible for saving money by coming up with the best possible solution for each individual circumstance. Packaging is available in a wide range of materials, textures, and colours. Some of the products available also include:
  • Product launch kits
  • Health care items
  • Software boxes
  • Media packaging
Properly organized marketing campaigns can boost revenue, and at the same time build a top notch reputation within the realm and community of the respective industry. The above mentioned paper products can be entirely personalized to relay any message or mission statement with custom design and production. On top of it all, you can receive professional advice from experienced specialists who know the business inside and out, which is something the big box stores cannot provide.